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Kofi Vin

Now is the time to have a sip of luscious premium coffee. Purchase Kofi Vin and experience love in a different language.

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Taro Chips

Made from fresh taro roots and selection of flavors, it is popular for it's wonderful smell, amazing delicious taste and high nutritional value. The thin slices of this snack will add a playful color to your taste buds.
✔️Og Trans Fat
✔️Made with Natural Ingredients
✔️Locally made

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Durian Bar

  • - Made of pure durian fruit pulp and added with sugar for a more delicious taste (no added any additives).
  • - Durian lovers will surely satisfy their durian cravings.
  • - The best pasalubong for families and friends.

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Top Knot

Complete your Island experience with these Paracord Sliding Bracelet from Top Knot Mindoro. 🌴 Make sure to get some for your barkadas too!!

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Mushroom Chicharon

Mushroom chicharon is a creative and vegetarian-friendly twist on the traditional Filipino snack "chicharon," which is typically made from deep-fried pork skin.

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Coco Jam

Coco Jam is a delectable spread that brings the rich and natural flavors of coconut to your palate.

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Pandan Brew

Unique and refreshing beverage that captures the essence of the tropics with the distinct flavor of pandan leaves. Immerse yourself in a delightful and aromatic experience as you savor the natural goodness of this exotic and rejuvenating drink.

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